Our History

Capaul Stoneworks was founded in 2006. At 24 years old, Darren Capaul was able to fabricate and install one kitchen per week with the help of one full time employee. Through strictly word of mouth advertising and dedication to customers and employees, that has grown to producing 12-15 kitchens everyday. With over 60 employees and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, much has changed, but our priorities are still the same; Happy Customers and Happy Employees.

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About Capaul

Why Choose Us?

Capaul Stoneworks is a custom stone fabrication shop with a state-of-the-art facility capable of producing high quality stone countertops. From small vanity countertops to the largest commercial projects in our area, we specialize in assessing our customer’s needs and fulfilling them. Our goal is to meet strict timing, quality, and pricing standards to solve problems for our customers. We are set up to handle every type of project.

Our focus on customer service is unparalleled in our industry. You will find our staff to be very positive and helpful. We work hard to make sure we are solution-based and work hand in hand with all trades and customers until the project is completed. We push to have the shortest lead times in the area.



Quartz, Granite, Marble, and Quaztzite

Kitchen, Bath, Laundry, Bar, Outdoor Living Area, Tabletops

Shower Walls

Complete shower panel installation in Porcelain, Quartz, or natural stone


Floor to celling fireplaces


Brett Chambers


“I’ve used Capaul Stoneworks multiple times and they’ve always done a perfect job. Tons of options and the staff are super helpful.”

Cody Siegel


“Everyone here is absolutely amazing! The experience is always pleasant and professional. They have great lead times and excellent service. I would highly recommend them for any stone jobs you have.”

Ken Hoekema


“We bought our granite countertops from Capaul and we’re very happy with the service, quality, and installation. Great people and products!”

Kelsey Schneider


“I’m not sure my words will do the work that Capaul Stoneworks did enough justice. The knowledge, patience and reassurance they gave through this process is undoubtedly the best customer service from any contracting or home improvement team I have ever experienced.”

Jamie Harris


“I cannot say enough positive about my experience with working with Capaul Stoneworks. The company is extremely easy to work with and accommodating. All were knowledgeable, professional and a highly skilled.”

Michael Toth


“Unbelievable service! I called on Monday and a crew was out 3 days later to reset a kitchen sink that separated from the granite; another competitor I called said they would take SIX WEEKS to come out. Thank you Capaul Stoneworks!”